The Team

MaRa Eickermann

MaRa’s boundless love and innate happiness make her great company, yet her true strength lies in explaining and teaching in a way that’s profound yet accessible. Her classes are enlightening and her path is one of joy,  truth and understanding. The true happiness to be her student is hard to explain. You really have to see her in action to understand.

Her work started over 30 years ago in Bonn, Germany. She opened the first Fire Tradition Lightcenter in the world (Château Amritabha in France) and has to this day trained hundreds of spiritual consultants, teachers and masters from many different countries.

 Shiva Mala Arani

Shiva can answer any spiritual question you might have – the more difficult the better. She also gives soul readings in the form of ”Heaven Stories”, that tell of the journey of your soul through different incarnations in a poetic format. (If you would like to order one, please send an email to She currently goes to ninth grade and prepares for her own unique mission by venturing into music, art and writing. It’s a joy to be with her, and she carries a wisdom that far exceeds what you would expect from a fourteen-year-old. She is pure bliss and joy of life.


Can San Trantow

The essence of Spiritual Archery is 
a deep joy of life.

Can San is a martial artist in a spiritual sense. The trainings and healing methods that he developed help you to tackle your problems and conquer your fears and worries. He can show you ways to win the fight that you fight against your true self through love and applied energy science. His work is unique, fresh and playful and surprisingly strong and effective once you apply it. If you are stuck somewhere, he can get you out. He is polite and friendly and straightforward and his tools are energy techniques that raise the bar as to what energy work can accomplish.