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Fire Qi Gong – Meditation in Motion
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Can San’s Qi Gong pose Heaven & Earth

Qi Gong (pronounced “chi gong”) is a moving meditation for health and wellness that originates in China.
Regular practice leads to a strong feeling of well being and a calmer and more focused energy throughout your day and night.
Qi Gong can be practiced by anybody, regardless of age or fitness level.

Fire Qi Gong utilizes the natural rhythms of nature focusing on the flow of chi (life force) with regards to the elements fire, water, wind and earth.

Fire Qi Gong, Form #1: Eight Movements for Health and Wellness

Fire Qi Gong, Form #2: Earth Elements

Fire Qi Gong, Form #3: The Healing Wind

Fire Qi Gong, Form #4: The Joy of Being

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