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The Path Into Light® is a four-day-seminar that will show you how to use your chakras and your own spiritual guidance in order to enter the natural flow of your own life. Once you have taken this path you will find greater joy and fulfillment in every moment of your life. Past and future will be less significant and you will be able to touch other people’s hearts more easily. Your life flow will continue to change according to your inner growth. Happiness and the strength to follow your path even in times of adversity will be easier to find.

If you are ready, the Path Into Light® is your opportunity to wholeheartedly embrace your true self.

You are cordially invited!

Price: $ 4,200


This was the best thing I have ever done for myself in my life….and perhaps even the FIRST thing I have ever done FOR MYSELF …. When I first came to you I was amazed by the ‘clear knowing’, without doubt, that you seemed to give out ….I couldn’t imagine this kind of deep knowing …. but now I can …. what a huge step on my path. Thank you again!

Marsha C Probyn, Fordingbridge, GB

„I never had so much fun, I never felt so at peace and I never learned so much in so little time. I never felt so at home, different though to physically coming home, but a real home within myself. I have found my place and passion and a huge link to the world – animals, nature, children – and my healing ability for the world.“

Carol Pira Gruendl, Motivational Speaker, Washington

„It is a very profound seminar. On the one hand it awoke my sleeping spirituality and taught me how to integrate it into my normal life. On the other hand, by going through different processes it was for me like returning to my roots and finding all my hidden energy. So, it changed a lot for my daily life.“

Andeela Koch, System Administrator, Bonn, Germany

I really wanted mostly to thank you for the opportunity to take part in “The Path into Light”. It has meant more to me than I know how to put into words. I hope to help many people find their way to the next course. It was not until it was over that I realise how very much I have learned. I feel much stronger and more confident. I am aware that there is still fear there but I also have a tool for dealing with that and I know I use fear just to hold myself ‘safe’ in my comfort zone. I will continue the work with enthusiasm and look forward to the next time we meet. If I can ever be of service to you please let me know what I can do. I have enjoyed meeting you.

Rowena Corner, Derry, Ireland

This is nothing I ever had before – I have been sceptical about the approach of this course but from the first moment of meditation nothing was the same and my life is constantly changing now.

Zbyslaw Jaskulka, Banbury, GB

The one thing I knew prior to the course was that I needed a change and a re-focus of my attitude and outlook on life. This course has had an extremely positive effect on me. The people around me have commented on the changes as earlier the first day of the course. The faith I now have in myself & my ability to shape my life has had an positive impact. My work flow is much calmer and I find much more satisfaction & achievement in life than I have experienced in the past. Thank you to Saran & Tsha for this incredible opportunity to grow. Their guidance and instruction was instrumental in allowing me to grow and move forward in my path of life. The tools I discovered each day/week continue to keep me excited about all the new ways to create a better, steady and harmonious life. Each time I implement these tools the positive results speak for themselves. My learning’s empowered me and assisted me with many of my life challenges. These learning’s helped me understand myself better, why I might have been stuck at a point and how I can deal with life in a more positive way. Learning to Heal Ourselves is the best way to create a positive future yourself”.

Tara Walmsley, Seattle, USA

A remarkable course in spiritual perception.  I am so much more aware of my abilities and gifts, as well as those of others,  and feel a connectedness to all life that I had formerly not known.  The meditation instruction alone is invaluable.  A spiritual powerhouse is what I would call the Sacred Path Center and The Path into Light seminar.  I think every human being should be made aware of these precious teachings, and the world could be at peace…  A teaching that is sure to alter forever how I interact with the world around me.

Toni Lea, Seattle, USA

The Path to Light came to me at the perfect moment in my life.  There were a number of challenges converging in my life physically, emotionally and physiologically that were causing me great anxiety.  The Path to Light was the perfect mechanism to bring focus back to the important points in life that have real meaning and allowed me to reevaluate my life in a completely new light.  I have spent decades exploring and studying different methods and beliefs to achieve a higher level of enlightenment, but have never come across anything as profound as this work.  The energy work and the tools taught in the course are second to none!  This is a luxury experience packed full of the highest universal truths shared to us from the most enlightened humans who have ever walked on the earth.  The exercises taught in the course are brilliantly conceived and easily applied to everyday life and have an immediate effect on creating change.  Tsha and Saran are masters of the material and committed to the cause of enlightenment and are a great source of inspiration!  This experience changed my life forever!

Clayton Brainerd, Seattle, USA

I am overjoyed to have had the opportunity recently to experience the Path into Light for a second time – and as good fortune would have it, with the same participants as my first Path into Light.  It allowed me to peer much deeper into the tradition/teaching and reach fantastic heights of understanding and realization.  This extraordinary six days is packed full of essential material and exercises and is a real challenge to absorb in one sitting, especially if one has not been introduced to this kind of work before.  Going through the six days again with a solid familiarity of what to expect was simply enormous for me!  I would encourage all who take the steps through the Path into Light to consider a repeat of the experience within a years time to better realize the content of this incredible tradition!

Sunto, Seattle, USA

I have always been interested in working with energy. This course gave me structure and a good foundation to move on along my path.

Cara Locke, Salisbury, GB

A wonderful exploration into spiritual awareness, a gentle insight to the possibilities.

Karan Watson, Amesbury, GB