MaRa – White Buffalo Woman

The White Buffalo Woman’s call goes out through the worlds again.
Find knowledge and guidance for a new era with MaRa.
She sees you as you are – unique and powerful!
Her words remind you of your own inherited wisdom and knowledge.
Go deeper and reveal your own truth and beauty with her help and guidance.


Skype Coaching
30 min
Price: US$ 500

Coaching in person
30 min
Price: US$ 1.000

Email Coaching
Send MaRa an email and tell her your problem, question or personal goal. Receive her answer and guidance via email as well.
Price: US$ 500

Shamanic readings

Realize your own shamanic heritage through a personal shamanic reading.
Learn about your own shamanic powers and gifts. Learn how you can manifest your special and individual powers and bring them into this life!
If this is what you would like to know then a shamanic reading will be exactly what you have been waiting for!
You will receive an audio recording.
Price: US$ 2.000