Welcome to Shiva Dharma!

MaRa, Shiva, Can San

Here at Shiva Dharma we train some of the best spiritual teachers, coaches, energy healers and masters from across the globe. We work in the tradition of our teacher Agni Eickermann. His vision and work led to the creation of a network of lightcenters all across the world, dedicated to provide the opportunity for everyone to get in touch with their own light. Learn more about him at www.agnieickermann.com.

We give the majority of our classes at Agni’s Shiva Shakti Center in Cerrillos, New Mexico (close to Santa Fe), at the Bhakti Love Center in Bonn, Germany and at Château Amritabha in Ribeauvillé, France.

We are committed to supporting you in finding the treasures within your own soul, which are waiting to be embraced and shared with the world.

Who knows, maybe becoming a holistic healer or spiritual teacher is part of your path too?

If you want to know more about our work or would like to try a personal coaching session via skype, just send us an email at cansantrantow@gmail.com

“There is only one path – yours. There is only one goal – yours.” Agni

With love!
MaRa, Can San & Shiva