Agni and Can San, Salthealer

During a time beyond our remembering, long before Atlantis, there was a time called Lemuria. During this period, unity between the Divine and mankind was common knowledge. Many impulses from the heavens rained down to Earth but could not find manifestation during this period. Earth just was not ready. In order to keep them safe, these impulses of knowledge were stored away within crystals and salts to be retrieved and used in a time to come. This time we now call the Golden Age.

It is today that we can learn to open these treasures of knowledge again and bring the Divine into creation. Salt-Healers are the first to hear this call in their heart.

Training by Can San Trantow and Agni

Date: April 17 – 21, 2014
(First day starts at 3 PM, last day ends at 1 PM. All other days go from 10 AM – 6 PM, lunch break from 1 – 3 PM)
Seminar cost: US$ 2.400
Registration at Shiva Dharma Center:
phone  +1-727-327-4111
fax +1-727-327-4111