Welcome to Shiva Dharma!

MaRa, Shiva, Can San
Shiva Dharma is a lightcenter in the tradition of Agni. The concept of lightcenters comes from the vision of our teacher Agni Eickermann. He wanted to create places, where it is possible to connect with your own love and inner light. You can find Agni lightcenters all over the world. Many of their leaders were trained by us.

Here at Shiva Dharma we train some of the best spiritual teachers, coaches, energy healers and masters from across the globe. We are a place for meditation, education, community, healing and peace. Make some time for yourself and come to our regular free spiritual practices such as meditation, fire ceremonies and satsangs. Treat yourself to personal energy healing and coaching sessions. Maybe becoming a holistic healer or spiritual teacher is part of your path too?

The treasures within your soul are waiting to be embraced and shared with the world. We are looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your own vision.

“There is only one path – yours. There is only one goal – yours.” Agni

With love!
MaRa, Can San & Shiva